Raissa Frenkel

Business Leader & Energy Guru

Raissa Frenkel Headshot

Raissa Frenkel is a corporate executive, accomplished academic, and dedicated philanthropist with over 30 years of professional experience. A punctual, disciplined, and highly motivated individual, Raissa excels at executing even the most ambitious plans and strategies to achieve incredible results.

Raissa was born in Kazan, Russia in 1961. After earning her bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. in Economics from the Kazan Finance Institute in 1982, Raissa joined the university as a professor. She held this position for the next seven years. She also served as the Political Economy Department Chair.

In 1991, Raissa’s husband, Lazar Finker, accepted an invitation to join Florida Community College as a visiting professor. The two relocated their family to the United States, with the expectation that they would return after the semester had come to a close. However, Lazar’s success in the classroom earned him repeated invitations to extend their stay. Although they had not anticipated making a permanent home here, Raissa and Lazar quickly grew to love their Jacksonville community. They have been proud American citizens since 1998.

Raissa, Lazar, & several other colleagues launched a highly successful company which grew to be the third largest private natural gas producer in the world. After selling their equity in the business, Raissa and Lazar established Forum Capital Group, a global private equity firm with a focus on real estate and seafood. Raissa’s ventures in the spheres of private business have given her the know-how to succeed and a deep appreciation of the often competitive world of startups and corporate leadership.

Raissa and Lazar are also co-founders of the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization of similarly-minded philanthropists dedicated to causes such as medical research, education, religious development, and children’s welfare. They are committed to creating a lasting difference through multiple generations of giving.

Raissa Frenkel and her husband, Lazar, live in Jacksonville, Florida. They have two sons. Raissa enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.