Because not every trip can be for pleasure.

It’s a part of business; and in concept, it sounds pretty great. After all, who doesn’t want to travel across the country to make connections, meet clients, and learn about an industry, all while getting paid? Still, like anything else, the appeal can diminish once it becomes routine. With that in mind, I’d like to share some advice for making business travel as stress-free as possible so that you can focus on your work and enjoy the ride.

Plan ahead.

Instead of just packing up and leaving your day to day responsibilities behind, endeavor to ensure that anything that you would have done in your absence is being handled by family members, spouses, friends, or roommates. If they agree to help, write them up a schedule for when tasks need to be done and free yourself from the burden of calling in for updates.

Limit your luggage.

You have enough to worry about on your trips without lost bags getting in the way. Stick to a carry on bag and save yourself the time and hassle of worrying about collecting luggage when you land. Even if you have to pack a bit more, your carry on bag should include a number of essentials, including backup phone chargers, that you’ll need in case of an emergency in a new place.

Establish a routine.

Even if you’re traveling to a variety of destinations, having consistent rules to follow while travelling can make a huge difference. Keep numbers of the hotels, airlines, and transportation services that you use to quickly contact in case of a problem. Similarly, copy important documents to have on hand at a moment’s notice, and invest in a larger “travel wallet” that can hold passports, tickets, and other essentials.

Try to join a rewards program as soon as you can and be consistent about it; loyalty program benefits can accumulate over time without much input on your part.

Take time to discover.

Even if you’re traveling for business, there’s no reason why you can’t take time to enjoy yourself in your new environment. While there’s always the expectation of events such as client dinners, don’t limit yourself to food! Ask your clients about other things to do in the area and figure out their interests; you’ll get to do something interesting and connect to them more than you usually would.

Take care of yourself.

It can be difficult to stick to a consistent sleep schedule and eat well while traveling, but when you’re networking and meeting new people, it’s especially important to be at your best. Get as much sleep as you can, stick to familiar foods, and take time to exercise; the latter is another great way to get to know the new locale.

Venture outside of your comfort zone.

This can apply to any sort of travel, but when you travel, try to avoid social media and do something new. Even if you’re travelling for business, you’ve been given an opportunity to see new places, and you should endeavor to make the most of it. It’s tempting to stay in your hotel room and work or browse social media, but you may find that it eats up more of your limited time than you anticipated.