Beating the heat in the summertime may be all many can think about on a hot day, but it often leads to a lot of wasted energy, particularly through overactive AC systems. Savvy individuals should consider ways that they can save energy while saving themselves money. Take a lot at these hot tips for making your home not-so-hot.

Use fans.

Compared to housewide AC, fans use less energy while still cooling a home. By using a ceiling fan, you’re able to raise the thermostat temperature around 4 degrees without any sort of difference in comfort level. In bathrooms, fans can also help remove the heat and humidity that accumulates when you shower.

Audit your thermostat.

Your thermostat keeps you cool, but it’s worth knowing that saving energy may be worth turning it up just a little. For every degree above 72 that you raise your thermostat, you save 3% of your energy expenses. The general consensus is that 78 degrees is around the highest you can go while feeling comfortable, but it is encouraged to find a setting that feels good while saving energy.

Use cold water.

When doing laundry, consider using cold water instead of warm. Since much of the energy in a washing machine goes toward heating water, you can save costs this way and take advantage of the weather to dry clothing outside. Additionally, the heat generated by washing machines and similar appliances can actually warm your home, so consider checking your appliances and turning off ones you don’t need.

Avoid as much sun as you can.

It may be nice to let the sun’s rays into your home, but this can warm it further and waste electricity. Draw the blinds during the hottest parts of the day, especially if you’re at work to begin with. 

Keep your home sealed.

Often, small cracks and gaps between windows and doors can let hot air in and cool air leak out. Caulk and weatherstripping around window frames can do wonders in sealing your home for the summer. In fact, there are even tips for ensuring that your windows are as energy-efficient as possible.

Have a barbeque.

This may sound a little different than the other suggestions on this list, but cooking inside can heat your home more than intended and waste energy. So get outside and fire up the grill! Summer is meant to be enjoyed, and it’s easy to do so while keeping your energy bills low.