It’s quite clear that we need to make some serious changes in order to restore our planet to health.

However, even beyond smarter cities and innovative energy methods, sustainability truly starts at home. There is so much that each of us can do to invest in our futures and the futures of our children.

Go Solar

Converting your home to solar energy can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. Innovative companies like SolarCity and SunRun will install solar panels on your roof at their own cost, and then sell the energy produced back to you for a cheaper rate than the traditional electric company. It doesn’t get better than that — reducing your footprint and your bills!

Grey Water is Green

Think about how much water you use every day, and how little of it really needs to be flushed down the drain. A rainwater catchment can be an excellent investment both for your household costs and for your environmental footprint. Even if you don’t install a tank, you can repurpose your shower water and, if you switch to a biodegradable detergent, you can easily redirect the washing machine waste to water a garden or lawn.

Eat Well

This one has the added benefit of getting to sit down to a great meal. Buying local food is not only a more sustainable practice, it’s also healthier and better tasting. Making a small effort to fill your home with locally sourced produce will also help boost the local economy for your whole community. Better yet, take it one step further and give urban farming a try. You’ll find that you’re helping yourself and your own quality of life every bit as much as you’re helping the world at large.

Drive Less

Traditional vehicles wreak havoc on or environment and are a huge contributor to global warming. Walking, biking, and ride sharing are important ways to show a commitment to sustainability, and they have the added benefit of helping to build community and keep you healthy along the way. In the future, it’ll be even easier to reduce your driving time as eco-conscious smart cities move towards fewer cars and more people-friendly initiatives.