Needless to say, traveling with children can be a challenge. Finding a vacation that is entertaining for all travelers involves balancing the concerns of a variety of age groups. The phrase “fun for the whole family” is frequently tossed around, but I’d like to suggest a few options that live up to the hype.

Washington, DC

Though our nation’s capital lacks the sandy shores of some of the other options on this list, DC is appealing for families that are interested in learning and taking in the sights of a historic city. The Smithsonian Institute features immersive exhibits that are sure to delight all visitors, and other, more obscure museums such as the International Spy Museum are just waiting to be discovered by your family.

It features attractions for everybody—are your kids into wildlife? Check out the National Zoo. Do you have teenagers interested in shopping? Investigate DC’s variety of boutique stores and malls. (though not the National Mall!) The city is nicely spread out, allowing for days of exploration past famous landmarks on the banks of the Potomac.

Alaskan Cruises

Despite popular opinion, some indeed like it cold. Even if you’re not a fan of the icy weather, a trip up to one of the most pristine and beautiful states in the US can quickly change your mind. Beat the heat in the summer by sailing up to Alaska to take in the unbelievable scenery and unique wildlife.

Alaskan Dream Cruises offers small ship cruising with plenty of stops to enjoy the forests, glaciers, and bays of the state. Opportunities to strike out on your own in kayaks and hike through the coastal woods will have the entire family feeling like the explorers of yore.

Out’N’About Treesort

No, it’s not a resort, it’s a treesort. Offering a unique experience in the forests of Oregon, Out’N’About gives families the opportunity to stay in actual treehouses for their vacation. The treesort takes full advantages of the lofty trees of the state’s Siskiyou mountain range to deliver a surreal experience with plenty of, ahem, activitrees.

Some of these include over a mile of ziplines, horseback riding, rafting, and live events. Alternatively, you’re free to hike the mountains yourself. It’s a great getaway with just the right balance of excitement and seclusion.

Sydney, Australia

Let’s look outside of the US for a moment. Australia isn’t just kangaroos and desert; Sydney is a thriving metropolis giving families access to both urban and wild experiences. Featuring a blend of Asian and European culture, Sydney’s food is diverse and its population even more so. Pop on down to the harbor for a look at one of the world’s major port cities, with the iconic Sydney Opera House situated near the climbable Harbor Bridge. Elsewhere, Bondi Beach is one of the world’s premier surf spots, including a pleasant walk along windswept cliffs.

Plus, Sydney gives you access to Australia’s wilder side; it’s just a train ride away from a number of places, including the Blue Mountains, host to amazing rock formations and the sort of sweeping vistas that have made Australia famous.

Costa Rica

Another country famed for its lush rainforests and unique wildlife, Costa Rica is a great experience for any beachgoer or nature lover. Tour volcanoes and beaches while staying in an eco-resort amidst the country’s wildest rainforests. Whether you’re looking to adventure or just relax on a beach, Costa Rica provides a venue for everyone.

Some notable attractions include La Paz Waterfall Gardens, home to colorful butterflies and lurking jaguars, and the recently dormant Arenal Volcano, now a placid and majestic testament to the power of nature.