Working as an executive mother in the summers can be rough, to say the least. Between children out of school, volatile schedules for the entire family, and travel, it can be flat-out overwhelming. While your peers are traversing the globe and you are struggling to just make the next meeting, vacation can seem downright impossible. There are, however, ways to break out of the normal routine and travel with a family.

Vacationing, though seemingly a luxury, is valuable for childhood development and reducing stress. A recently created organization of travel planners recognizes this and strives to create a plan for you that fits your schedule. By planning far enough ahead, you can anticipate scheduling and budgetary concerns and ensure that your dream vacation occurs without a hitch.

The company, called Legacy Travel, is cazenove+loyd’s newly minted program, striving to eliminate the many unknowns in long-term family travel planning. By finding out how many children are in your family, what they enjoy doing, what they’re learning in school, and what you and your spouse like to see and do, they are able to compose a long-term vacation plan that outlines trips for the next three to ten years.

The key element here is the boon of financial planning. While planning to take a major vacation in a decade from now is one thing, budgeting for it is entirely another. In fact, according to Wilmot-Sitwell, trips with cazenove+loyd are generally priced around ten to twelve thousand dollars. Of course, it should be noted that these trips are not just cookie-cutter flybys to Paris; they’re meant to be once in a lifetime exotic vacations, and if you are to take advantage of the program for ten years, you may be investing half a million dollars into a travel fund (when looking at a family of four).

Of course, this is absolutely not for everyone. Regardless of how you choose to plan your vacations, preparedness is a central tenet; the further in advance you prepare, the more likely you’ll be able to make reservations and budget effectively.

It is clear why planning is of the utmost importance. That’s why individuals like Kathy Sudeikis, a travel specialist centered in Chicago, joined forces with a financial planner to help families assess what they want to do, when they want to do it, and how to pay for it. By composing budgets that allow for an ongoing travel fund to be established, families are able to take horizon-expanding vacations that don’t break the bank.

The other key to taking trips with children is figuring out where to go. A destination that both engages children and keeps parents happy can be challenging to find, and that’s partly the reason it’s so interesting that these services break up their recommendations based on children’s age. For instance, preteens tend to have the highest capacity for museums and historical sites because they are learning about ancient civilizations and developing a sense of global history. To see the sites in person that they see in textbooks is to bring words and pictures to life, and they will get something out of it that they may have missed even if they had previously travelled to the same destination. Additionally, many resorts and hotels offer special programs aimed at preteens to ease some of the burden of responsibility.

Conversely, teenagers are generally looking for more active and exotic experiences, a vacation that keeps them on the go and immersed in the native culture while boosting their adrenaline. That said, the interests of teens can vary greatly, and their idea of a great vacation may be vastly different from yours. Work with them on coming up with a plan, and get their opinion on activities that they might be interested in. Allowing them to bring friends can also ease your stress when they may not want to spend the entire vacation with parents.

Planning a vacation can be difficult, but whether you work with a travel planner or do the research yourself, coordinating a successful trip with family can be memorable and satisfying. So regardless of the budget or destination, remember to make time to travel. You may be surprised at how it can positively affect your family.